Thinking about a solar upgrade? Well, you’re not alone. Home solar systems are becoming more common as general householders switch on to their benefits. Many households have made the change to a home solar system simply because it supplies eco-friendly, renewable energy all over the house, all the while helping to decrease electricity costs.

There’s absolutely no doubt about why there is so much hype when it comes to solar power. We all know that making the move to solar is sure to give you a good return on your investment. However, you should know that there are also other ways to maximize your return on investment – namely by investing in a solar upgrade when necessary.

Why Should You Get a Solar Upgrade?
Upgrading your solar system may not be as much of a splurge as you think. There are plenty of benefits that come with improving your solar system. Upgrading should be considered even if your current solar system is working effectively. Certain changes in circumstances may lead you to need more energy. These reasons may be as simple as someone working from home, or you may even have purchased an electric car. Perhaps you have found that your energy needs go up in the wintertime. This means that you might need to boost your solar output. If you’re still wondering about the benefits of updating your solar system, here are some of the benefits you are going to get.

●     Updated Technology

Since technology is constantly evolving, many things have probably been improved since you installed your solar system. When you upgrade it brings your system up to date with the current technology, thereby making it as efficient as possible. It’s crucial that your inverter can communicate correctly with the new equipment used for your solar system.

●     Increase Production Efficiency

When you choose to invest in solar upgrades, more power is produced by swapping out the old inverter for a new one.

●     Monitoring Accuracy is Improved

With proper monitoring, you can have the information about your system’s energy consumption and generation at the tip of your fingers, allowing you to optimise your energy use.

What To Keep in Mind
If you’re thinking of upgrading your home solar system, we’ve compiled the most important things that you should know beforehand!

Now that the instalment of solar panels is gradually becoming increasingly available, you might be expecting that solar panels of larger capacities mean lower expenses. However, it’s not all the time that you get lower expenses with this.

This isn’t only the typical common misconception about upgrading your solar system. If you’re ready to upgrade your solar system, here are some tips to remember that will assist you in knowing what to expect.

●     Consider Using a Solar Monitor Application

By using solar monitoring software for your solar upgrade, you can track the power you consume plus the power you generate. It helps you become more aware of the photovoltaic system’s performance.

Remember that updating your solar system allows you to make more accurate calculations. It also helps in identifying any damage to the solar system. If you feel that there is something wrong with your system, one of the best ways to find out is by checking the inverters.

●     Only Use Compatible Hardware

It’s important that you use compatible hardware when installing a new combination of solar panels. Existing solar panels and inverters should always be upgraded with panels that are not only compatible, but they should also be in good condition and covered by a warranty.

●     There’s Limited Flexibility When It Comes to Sizing

In some places, there are system size limits. Some states have maximum capacity sizes that you’ll need to adhere to. In other areas, this will be up to the electricity network operator. If they choose, these operators can even charge a “network analysis fee” to determine what impact your system will have on the overall network. However, there are other areas where this won’t be an issue at all. When you get a quote, make sure you ask about the limits in your neighbourhood.

●     Consider Replacing or Upgrading Your Inverter

Your inverter is the heart of the solar system. It is the sole determiner of how much electricity your system can handle. New capacity to your system means that you may need to upgrade or replace your inverter.

The output of your panels is used by installers to size the central inverters. Microinverters, rather than power optimisers or string inverters, make add-on solar panel projects simpler.

Update outmoded models to new, more convenient models. When modifying the architecture of your roof, a tiny inverter outperforms a normal inverter. To meet a 6-kw need, you can add more panels to a 5-kw inverter without modifying the inverter.

●     Don’t Be Swayed by Sales Talk

The sale of a solar upgrade is just like sales of any other product. Sales talk can lure you into making a deal that might be too good to be true. There will always be fraudulent salespeople around, and the same goes for solar panels.

Beware of salespeople who try to persuade you by using the common misconception that solar power and solar products totally get rid of your electricity costs. While solar power can have a significant impact on your electricity costs, some salespeople tend to exaggerate the extent of savings you can expect, and you might end up being disappointed in the end. Be cautious and only buy from reputable dealers with verifiable reviews. Beware of solar cowboys!

Who Should You Trust?
When looking for a solar company, you should only choose the most trustworthy in your area. Pick a company that will leave you with no regrets and only pure satisfaction. If you’re in Southeast Brisbane South or Brisbane Northside, you don’t need to look very far. The best local solar company that you can trust and rely on is right near you. Solahart has dozens of satisfied customers and great reviews for service excellence.

Redlands solar upgrades are now easier and of course, with a company that you can fully trust, you only get the highest quality solar panels and inverters to make you satisfied with your purchase, upgrades, repairs, and customer support.