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Solar power systems have become increasingly popular for many Queenslanders across brisbane slashing the costs of rising electricity prices for budget conscious homeowners. Not only are they putting more money into your pocket they are reducing your homes carbon footprint and in turn your impact on the environment.

With more people becoming energy and environmentally conscious solar power systems are an excellent renewable alternative to standard energy production. Solar technology is also becoming more powerful and reliable with major yearly advances in the solar industry. This means that more people can access free energy from the sun and save.

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Solar Power Systems

Solahart was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the value of the sun’s free energy. Today our solar power PV systems are among the most efficient in the world, offering big energy savings to homeowners who switch to solar panels and energy free from the sun.
Solar Power today is all about designing the correct sized solar system to produce the right amount of kWs to offset what your home consumes each day from sun up to sun down.

With significant feed in tariffs gone, the correct design of your solar system is paramount to reducing your bill in a consistent and calculable way.

This can be achieved by just dealing with your daytime consumption as step 1 or, if you’re ready, we can design your solar system to offset your power consumption with Battery Storage.
At Solahart we sell the highest quality Solahart 300w black solar panels and inverters from the world’s best manufacturers – ABB, GoodWe and SolarEdge with performance enhancing optimisers. Setting up solar system output monitoring is standard practice for Solahart. This provides you with live online output figures for your solar power system and allows you to have immediate notifications of any failures that occur. This way we don’t have lengthy delays in solar system repairs and shows you when your solar panels need to be cleaned.

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Whatever the situation or circumstance we can provide you with the right advice, design and installation to suit your property.

Our experts are qualified to assess your home and provide you with the best system to meet your family’s needs. Our installers are trained to the highest standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your system. All this is backed by our comprehensive warranties and the peace of mind you’ll get from dealing with Australia’s solar pioneer.

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Our Premium PV systems use Q.Cell panels and GoodWe Inverters

Our Premium Plus PV systems use Solahart panels and ABB Inverters

Our Platinum Optimised PV systems use Solahart panels and SolarEdge Inverters

Highly recommend contacting Solahart Brisbane South East to install your solar power system. Excellent customer service and advice, seamless installation and great followup.

Louise Milton
Capalaba, Brisbane South East

These guys did a great job on both installs for our solar power and solar hot water systems. Great solar systems and sales team. Excellent to deal with!

Chris Ethans
Brisbane South East

No hassles, easily negotiated times with people who turned up when they said they would. Discussed everything clearly and tidied everything up after installing our solar battery storage system.

Elizabeth McNoel
Birkdale, Brisbane South East

Great customer service and fast installation. They did an amazing job with our solar hot water system. Couldn’t be happier!

Lina Georges
Redland Bay, Brisbane South East