With world markets in flux and the global economy changing moment by moment as we (hopefully!) head out of the pandemic, a lot of questions are being asked. Some of these centre around the viability and economics of solar power. Is solar power still a worthwhile investment for Australians? While many factors can influence a decision to invest in solar for your residential or commercial property, we feel the answer is a resounding “yes” and here’s why.

Solar offers significant long term savings
Solar power is attractive to homeowners in Australia because the sunny weather offers the potential for continuous power generation throughout the year. The cost of going solar lies in the initial purchase of a comprehensive system, it’s installation, and some occasional maintenance. Other than that, the rays of the sun are absolutely free! Some people argue, however, that the expense of buying a solar system Redlands is too great to validate, making the switch from traditional energy sources available through the local electrical grid.

Hear us out. A typical solar system Redlands installed around your home by a trusted Redlands solar provider like Solahart can cost you around $6,000 to $9,000 for a 6.6kW system. With an annual savings on your electricity of about $1,000 to $2,000, this cost will pay for itself in around 5 to 8 years. The time taken to recuperate your spending varies depending on how much energy you use, of course. However, since solar systems that are well cared for can last for about 25 years, it’s obvious to see that the savings can add up quickly.

You can sell solar back to the grid
Are you a low energy-using household? By purchasing a solar system Redlands that is more than you use, you can sell the energy you generate through your system back to the local grid. In Queensland, the feed-in tariff (FIT) varies depending on the electricity retailer you work with. Your FIT can potentially earn you up to an extra $30 to $40 per month which also adds up over time. After just five years, you’ve earned over $2,000 through extra solar energy which is money in the bank.

It’s always good for the environment
Besides the cost savings it offers, there’s the bonus that solar power is always good for the environment. According to the Australian Institute, solar thermal energy could significantly reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and Australia’s continued reliance on fossil fuels. The organisation states that, in a positive outlook, solar could potentially produce up to 60% of the nation’s on-grid electricity. As the owner of solar for your home or business, you play an integral part in this transition.

Installing and maintaining a solar system is easier than you think
At Solahart, we’ve been part of the solar revolution since the 1960s. We believe in the future of solar! Our experience has given us unbridled knowledge of solar energy systems, what works best, and how to maximise your space. Our professionally trained team can conduct an assessment with you to determine what size solar system or solar water heater is best for your property. Our technicians can install your solar panels or solar water heater for you and provide you with instructions and guidance related to government incentives and programs. With interest free financing offers that open immediate options, your role is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your investment.

As your premium Redlands solar installer, you get the best solar Brisbane offers with Solahart. Contact us today to learn more. You CAN go solar, and 2022 is the perfect year to do it!