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Is delivery and installation included in your pricing?

Yes, we offer a supply and installation service including removal of your old system. This is all included in our pricing when we provide you with a quote.

Do you maintain, service or repair older solar systems?

Yes, we offer maintenance servicing and repairs for all major brands of solar power and solar hot water systems. Should your solar system not be repairable we can offer you a quote for a replacement.

How do I make a claim under warranty?

By contacting your local, authorised Solahart Dealer. You do not need to contact the manufacturer direct, we take care of all of that for you!

How long do your warranties last for and do they cover all of your solar products?

Our warranties range from 5-25 years depending on the product. All our warranties are backed by Solahart, a trusted name in the industry for over 65 years.

Are your solar systems built for extreme weather?

All of our solar power and solar hot water systems undergo stringent testing for Australia’s harsh climate.

Am I eligible to claim Government rebates and feed in tariffs for QLD with your solar products?

Yes! Both generous government rebates (Small Scale Technology Certificates) and feed in tariffs are currently available which you can claim when you purchase our solar products.

What happens to my solar power during a blackout?

During a blackout your solar power system would shut down and you would follow the start up procedure once power is restored. During this time, no power would be generated. We offer a range of solar battery storage solutions that can provide you power in the event of a blackout.

What are your payment options and do you provide payment plans?

We offer No Deposit, Interest Free Finance payment options to approved applicants. Terms and Conditions apply.

Will your solar panels generate electricity during cloudy or rainy days?

Yes, although performance will be diminished and you will not generate as much power as you would in full sun.

Do your solar products allow me to go off grid?

Unfortunately, Solahart don’t currently supply an off grid solution.

solar servicing - solar power brisbane south east
solar power - solar servicing brisbane south east

How soon will I see the savings on my electricity bills?

Once connection to the electricity network is completed your system will start saving you money. You will see the difference once your next electricity bill arrives.

Will I need to replace my solar panels?

Our solar panels come with a 25 Year Performance Warranty and are quality made to last for years to come. It is unlikely that you will need to replace your Solahart solar panels but in the rare circumstance that this happens we can assist you with a solution.

Do solar panels damage my roof?

No, our solar panels are installed on a framing system anchored to your roof. This does not damage your roof in any way and is perfectly fine for both residential and commercial buildings.

Will installing Solar panels affect my new home structural warranty?

Not usually, but it is advised that you check with your warranty provider before installing solar for your home.

Can I install your solar products myself?

No. Our solar power and solar hot water systems must be installed by a licensed, CEC Accredited Electrician. This is to ensure the system is installed correctly and safely for your home.

Will solar increase my property’s value?

According to real estate professionals solar power is very attractive to home buyers. This is because a lot of Australians are becoming more conscious about their electricity usage and the environment.

What factors will affect my solar electricity generation?

There are many factors that will affect electricity generation through your solar power system. These include the quality of the product, size of the system, orientation of the solar panels, the design and factors in nature such as trees and clouds which will shade your system.

Are my solar panels covered by insurance in case of storm?

It is best to check with your insurance provider as to whether your solar panels will be covered in the event of a storm. Our warranties do not cover weather events and natural disasters.

What electricity companies do you recommend for the best solar energy deals?

There are so many great deals out there that it is hard to choose from. The best thing we can recommended is that you do your homework, shop around and choose the best company that’s right for you.

Can I add your solar products to my current solar system?

Yes, please contact us for a site visit and Free In-Home Quote.

Solahart were amazing and really helped us with installing solar hot water for our small home. They suggested a split solar hot water system which fits our house perfectly!

Carol Harrigton
Redlands, Brisbane

Solahart Brisbane North were a very big help with our solar system. We needed a solar power system maintenance, they serviced our system on time and the technician was very professional. Great work guys!

Tammy Lachlan
Zillmere, North Brisbane