Solahart System Servicing
& Maintenance

We perform solar servicing for solar hot water and pv systems across Brisbane South East and Brisbane North!

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We Provide After Sales Service
And Maintenance On All Solahart Products

We perform solar servicing and maintain our entire range of products for both commercial and residential customers of Brisbane North and Brisbane South East. No matter what make or model of solar system you own we are able to perform solar servicing for your system with our professionally trained and accredited technicians. This ensures that if there is a problem with your solar power or hot water system you have someone who can repair it, rather than looking for a replacement and cost of a brand new system.

Maintaining your solar hot water and solar power system is a great way to prevent issues down the track. We suggest that a solar hot water system be serviced every 5 years so you receive the most out of your unit while continuing to save. It is also advisable, as per the Clean Energy Council (CEC), that your solar power system be serviced annually to maintain optimum efficiency.

Solahart Has Been Servicing
South East Brisbane & Brisbane North
Suburbs For Over 60 Years

Our Solar Technicians Are Fully Licensed

All our Solar hot water repairs or maintenance work is carried out by solar endorsed plumbers who are fully licensed and hold restricted electrical licenses which means we can service all aspects of your hot water system.  All Solar Power repairs or maintenance works is carried out by a CEC fully licensed electrician.

We Keep Your Hot Water Running

If your solar hot water system can’t be fixed we will install a temporary system for free on the spot if you replace it through Solahart Brisbane South East or Solahart North Brisbane.

Restoring Or Repairing Your Roof?

If your roof needs to be restored or repaired let us know! We can remove, relocate, replace and reinstall your solar power or solar hot water system whether you live in North or South East Brisbane.

solar hot water - solar repairs brisbane south east
Switched Systems? No Worries!

If you have moved homes with a different PV or solar hot water system, or have switched there is no need to fret. We take the time to help you understand your new system so you can use your hot water or solar power efficiently!

We Repair And Prevent Leaks

We repair and maintain all makes and models of solar hot water systems for your convenience. Our technicians repair and prevent leaks coming from areas of your system including the tank or valve.

Our Vehicles Are Fully Equipped

Our vehicles come fully equipped to maintain your solar hot water system with all the tools and replacement parts so the job is done right the first time, every time.

5 Yearly Solar Hot Water Service
From $350*

At Solahart we recommend that solar servicing and maintenance should be carried out on your solar hot water system every 5 years, no matter what type of system you have. This will make sure that your system is functioning properly and will allow us to assess if any problems may arise in the near future.

Some of the aspects of our 5 yearly service include:

  • Replacement of PTR valve
  • Replacement of anode to help prevent corrosion
  • Cleaning of panels to maximise efficiency
  • Visual inspection of tank for any leaks
  • Inspection of solar panels for external corrosion
  • A careful inspection of all connections
  • Electrical testing of element and thermostat
  • Cold water flush through inlet valve
  • Checking of fluid levels (glycol) on J or K type systems

You can book your solar hot water system in for solar servicing with us from $350*. We will set a date for your service and one of our friendly technicians will visit your property on the scheduled date and time.

*Price for Solahart Freeheat and Solahart BCXII Systems $355.00.  Extra charges occur for travel to Islands.

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solar servicing - solar maintenance brisbane south east
solar hot water - solar hot water systems brisbane south east
solar maintenance - solar servicing brisbane south east

Solar PV Maintenance And Panel Cleaning From $190*

Servicing and maintaining your solar panels is important to keep your system at optimum performance and fault free. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) recommend that solar power systems are checked annually.
We provide a solar power system maintenance service for homes across Brisbane South East and North Brisbane. The work is carried out by CEC accredited electricians and is in compliance with the Australian Standards and Council Approval (ASA).

Some aspects of our solar power system maintenance service include:

  • 30 point mechanical and electrical test
  • Module clean (All solar panels cleaned)
  • Thorough visual inspection of solar panels
  • Testing of solar panels, cables, isolators and circuit breakers
  • Checking of array structure & fixings
  • Inspect for storm damage
  • Update owner on system performance
  • Review shut down procedure
  • Review tree growth
  • Advise if any repairs need to be made
  • Full written report provided

You can book your solar power system in for solar servicing with us from $190*. We will set a date for your service and one of our friendly technicians will visit your property at the specified time.

*Up to and including 24 panels. Pricing may vary depending on the type of home you have (e.g double storey).  Extra charges occur for travel to Islands.

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Solahart Brisbane South East were amazing! They really helped us out with our solar power system and we are actually seeing where we are saving. Great work guys!

Emma Fallington
Brisbane South East

Was in desperate need of a new solar hot water system and Solahart Brisbane South East really came through for us. They were quick to provide a quote and came out on time, installing the new system with efficiency.

Fred Carlon
Ormiston, Brisbane South East

Their solar battery storage systems work like a dream! We save so much more, especially since we use most of our power at night. Great team and services!

Terry and Angela
Victoria Point, Brisbane South East

Our solar power system is great! We had Solahart Brisbane South East install our new system and they did an excellent job. The staff were friendly and everything went ahead as planned!

Alice Jones
Wellington Point, Brisbane South East