Solar power is a true phenomenon. Australia has grown to become a powerhouse in solar energy, slowly leaving coal behind in its own dry dust. The rate of solar installations on Australian homes now greatly outdoes the global average, placing Aussies ahead of Germany, Japan, and America’s solar-leading state of California. But is it true you can actually power your entire home using solar energy? Is that possible or is this actually a bit far-fetched? Yes, it is true. Your whole home can be powered by the sun if your solar generation matches your energy consumption and you have a reliable way to store the energy you’ve gathered during the day from the sun.

How to Calculate Your Energy Consumption
The first step towards home solar power is to determine how much energy you consume. Your home solar power system will need to match your needs. Here at Solahart Brisbane South East, we can help you determine what these are. The easiest way to start this process is by looking at your electricity bills over the last year. How much energy you use will vary from hour to hour throughout the day and also from season to season. For example, if you run an air conditioner in the summer but you tend to skip out on heating during the cooler months, your electricity bill will likely be that much higher during those hotter months. Your local solar installer can help you average out how much electricity you will need to generate to meet your needs all year round.

In addition, the weather in your location needs to be considered. Solar systems on homes in sunnier areas will be able to generate more electricity than those in cloudier regions. And it’s also good to remember that during the winter months, the decrease in available daylight hours will result in less energy generated. A Solahart solar installer will consider the annual weather patterns in your area to determine how much energy a solar system on your house can typically generate.

By matching your ability to produce with your energy needs, it can be determined if your home can collect enough sun on its roof to power all your electrical needs. An encouraging thing to know is that many Australian homes produce even more energy than they can use through their home solar system, and some even sell electricity back to the grid keeping their account in credit.  Solar really does work so well!

How to Get the Right Sized Solar System for Your Home
A trained solar installer who follows all the steps detailed above can accurately advise you on your home solar power and the size of the unit you will need. Typically, in Australia a 5kWh solar system can be used to generate all electricity for a 3 to 4 person household.

Naturally, you want to place your solar panels on the area of your roof that gets the most sun. A south-facing roof will get less sun compared with a north-facing surface, however solar panel technology really has come a long way allowing you to maximise the sun no matter where your panels are placed.

In order to have energy to power your home once the sun sets you will need to have a solar battery. A solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall 2 can be easily installed outdoors or indoors to allow you to access 100% solar powered energy at all hours of the day.

At Solahart, we are Redlands leading solar panel installers. Solahart Brisbane South East has teams of trained professionals on hand to answer all questions related to producing solar power on your home. We advise, install, and maintain solar systems and can provide you with exactly what you need to future proof your home. Contact us today for a free in home quote.