The Best Solar Sellers in the Industry
It’s storm season in Brisbane, which means you’ll need to prioritise the cleanliness of your solar products during the dry season if you’re looking to get the most out of solar energy this time of year! At Solahart, we can meet every need under the sun with purchase and installation of solar products, as well as hot water systems. The professionals at Solahart also offer Redlands Solar panel cleaning and will also visit your property for servicing and maintenance calls, should you encounter any issues with your solar panels!

How Can I Make My Solar Products More Efficient?
When installing solar products, it’s important to consider not only which direction your property faces, but the amount of direct sunlight you get in the areas you’re considering. If your roof is in the shade, you’re not out of luck, you just need to look for the right solar supplier! Buying the right product for your home or property is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your solar products.

It’s also important to properly maintain your solar panels, hot water systems, and other solar products. You can hire the professionals from Redlands Solar Servicing or Redlands Solar Maintenance to service and adjust your solar panels as needed! Solar panel cleaning is another crucial step towards maximizing the efficiency of your system of solar products. Clean solar panels absorb more light more efficiently, meaning that you’ll be getting larger amounts of electricity out of your solar products than if they were covered in dust, leaves, or other debris!

Why Do I Need to Clean My Solar Panels?
If you fail to keep your solar panels clean, you’ll be sacrificing not only a large portion of that precious, precious sunlight, but you’ll also be giving up part of the value you invested when you purchased your solar panels in the first place! These products aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it if you’re willing to maintain them. In fact, according to research, the difference in clean and dusty or dirty panels in output electricity generation can be as much as 5%! Clean solar panels really do matter!

Solar panel cleaning and servicing should occur once every five years or so, but you might be able to go a bit longer if you don’t live near a highway or construction site where dust tends to accumulate. Heavy rain can also help to clean your solar panels in between an expert clean and, while you might be tempted to clamber up on the roof and scrub them yourself, we suggest for safety reasons, you leave it to the professionals.

Not only will you be collecting more energy with clean solar panels, you’ll also be lowering the risk of solar panel fires. Unfortunately, “solar panel fires have increased five-fold over the past three years,” caused by faulty direct current isolator switches or infrequent maintenance of the system. You don’t have to worry with Solahart though. As we only use the very best panels and inverters and we send regular reminders to our customers regarding the due date of their inspections, maintenance and cleaning.

Best Solahart Services to Boost Efficiency
When it comes to solar products, servicing or Redlands solar panel cleaning, the professionals at Solahart Brisbane South East, will make sure your panels are clean, verify that no parts have deteriorated or been rendered defective, check for recorded faults on the inverter display, and clear all the vents of debris. We really are your local one-stop solar shop right here in Capalaba!

Whether your solar system is new to you, new to the property or a few years into its journey as an eco-friendly power producer, regular servicing, maintenance and cleaning is important for the safety and wellbeing of the system as well as the people benefiting from it.

Got questions? Then contact the professionals at Solahart to get the right answers and start making the most of the Australian sun today!