1. 12 Year Warranty as Standard – Extendable to 20 Years.
  2. Roof Utilisation – SolarEdge technology allows our solar technicians to design a panel array across multiple roof areas, both across different orientations and angles. Panels can be installed on roofs sections facing west, north and east.
  3. Monitoring – A SolarEdge system comes with panel-level monitoring, free for life. This is a valuable feature for both system owners and for us as the installer because it allows our support team to identify faults on individual panels.
  4. System Safety – SolarEdge systems feature increased safety, minimising both fire risk and electrocution risk.
  5. Easily Expandable – SolarEdge systems are expandable, limited only by your roof space and the size of the installed inverter.
  6. Battery Compatible – Combining SolarEdge’s breakthrough PV inverter technology with leading battery storage system, the StorEdge solution helps homeowners reduce the electricity bills while maximising energy independence from the grid.