Investing in solar panels for your home or business is not a light decision. You have likely made the decision to invest in solar energy, knowing that it may take some time to pay off. But the truth is, the benefits really do outweigh this fact.

Once you have the solar panels installed on your roof, it can be pretty easy to forget that they are there. But did you know, just like a car, solar panels need servicing?
Wondering what we mean by ‘servicing’ solar panels? Or why you should make it a priority? Then read on for more information regarding a Brisbane solar system service.

The solar panels on your roof will, over years, withstand some extreme weather conditions. Hail, wind, and extreme heat are all typical weather patterns in Brisbane. On top of this, dust and debris can build up on your panels, potentially compromising performance. In some cases, even vermin have been known to nest under solar panels!

But did you know, Solahart offers solar servicing on all of our solar products and hot water systems through our professionally trained and accredited technicians? We recommend our solar hot water systems undergo a service every five years and solar panels are serviced every year as guided and recommended by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia. By doing this, we can ensure your solar system is working at optimal performance and prevents any damage or disintegration from becoming so severe, that your panels would need replacing.

So, what is involved in a Brisbane solar system service? It really is so much more than cleaning dust and dirt off their surface in fact, there are many elements to consider and check while on your roof.

Solar maintenance and servicing with Solahart will ensure:
Your panels are secure, defect-free, and clean
• Free of debris, including nests and foliage build-up from trees
• Wiring is undamaged and has not deteriorated
• Brackets, fittings, and attachments are secure
• All electrical checks are completed to determine the efficiency
• Making sure the inverter display is not recording any faults
• Access to the isolator switches are not impeded
• All emergency procedures for isolation and shutdown are displayed clearly

Getting up on your roof to clean and remove debris yourself is strongly discouraged, considering your solar system will need to be completely shut down before you tend to it. Not to mention the risks of falling from a significant height or sustaining any other related injuries. That’s why we recommend you leave it to a qualified technician to avoid any unnecessary dangers. A Brisbane solar system service via Solahart means we only use fully licensed technicians, including solar endorsed plumbers and fully CEC licensed electricians.

You can rest easy knowing that when it’s time to have your solar hot water or solar panels serviced, Solahart Brisbane South East can take care of your entire roof unit. It doesn’t matter what solar products you have installed, we will make sure everything is working at optimal performance to ensure your panels remain safe, effective, and ultimately continue to save you money on your energy bills.

We understand solar products are a significant investment, and we’re here to ensure you are getting the value you expect and deserve.

If you would like to discuss having your Brisbane solar system serviced, or you would like more information on what solar maintenance will include on your particular unit, call Solahart Brisbane South East today and let us maintain your system, along with your peace of mind.