With electricity prices through the roof everyone is looking to save wherever they can. This includes installing solar to reduce reliance on the power grid and making energy efficient decisions about your home and lifestyle. The main objective being to reduce the household energy bill.

What is energy efficiency? 

Energy efficiency is the term used for using less power to perform a task. It is also a term used for reducing energy wastage in the home. This helps lessen the impact we have on the environment and saves money on your energy bills.

There are multiple ways you can be energy efficient in your home. These include installing energy efficient appliances, turning power off at the wall, using devices only when needed and installing solar power to gain access to free energy from the sun. 

How does solar power work? 

Solar power draws energy from the sun and converts it into useable electricity for your home. It is most efficient during the day while the sun is out and, depending on the size of the solar power system installed, can cover most of your electricity usage.

If you do have solar power installed by a professional solar power installer it is best to use your appliances during the day to reduce the electricity you take from the grid. This in turn will reduce your electricity bills and is more energy efficient for your home. 

How can I reduce my energy bill as much as possible? 

Solar that is installed by a professional solar power installer is very beneficial for reducing your energy usage. However, it is important not to just rely on solar power alone but change your energy usage habits as well.

You need to take responsibility for the energy you and your family are using. Implement good energy efficient practices and use energy efficient appliances. This will keep your energy bills small and your savings big!

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