Unlike households that typically use the bulk of their electricity throughout the evening and early morning, commercial businesses need to power their offices between 9 and 5. Employees expect and deserve a comfortable office with adequate lighting, optimum temperature control and other electrical services that make their working lives more comfortable and more enjoyable. Solar energy can do that!

Australian businesses are ideal candidates for solar panel systems. Harness the power of the sun as it shines throughout the day and deliver quality lighting, air conditioning, and other electrical services to your valued employees!

When it comes to investing in a commercial solar power system, the cost can be the make-or-break deciding factor. Fortunately, most businesses have found that investing in renewable energy sets them back no more than paying for borrowed electricity from the grid. The most significant difference between the two? You only pay once for the solar power system. All future generated energy is free!

What are Some of the Benefits of Going Solar?

You can lower your energy bills.

After the initial up-front investment to buy the solar power system itself, all energy generated from the sun is completely free. Depending on how large your business is, a typical solar system will pay itself off within a decade. And with extra incentives and the ability to sell your stored power back to the grid, you’ll find yourself saving more money and making a profit!

You can reduce your dependency on the electricity grid.

Solar panels reduce your dependency on the local power grid. If the power goes out due to a storm or other event, your stored solar energy will keep your employees, clients and customers happy when your ill-prepared competitors can’t.

You can be environmentally friendly.

Solar energy produces no harmful emissions. It is 100% renewable energy straight from the sun! By using solar power, you’re helping to reduce toxic greenhouse gases that wreak havoc on the environment and contribute to common human health problems. Your solar panels visibly demonstrate your dedication to making the world a better place. And in today’s day and age, that’s free marketing! Attract even more customers who value green energy and stand out from the competition!

You can rely on low maintenance and high reliability.

Investing in a solar energy system that is then delivered and installed by a reputable provider ensures minimal future maintenance. A high-quality system provides optimum performance throughout its lifetime, which is usually at least two decades! Designed to withstand harsh weather, solar panels are sturdy and reliable on just about any rooftop. And if a solar panel does get damaged, a reputable provider generally offers a generous warranty to cover this.

You can get a little help from the government.

Financial incentives provided by the government make it easier for businesses to go green. Depending on the size of your business, state and federal governments will supply you with STC’s or LGC’s. These certificates allow for your generated excess energy to be purchased, sold, and traded on an open market.

Solar feed-in tariffs are also available, acting as payment for any excess electricity sent back to the local electricity grid.

Save money, help the environment and improve your lifestyle. If you’re interested in saving energy through a natural alternative to electricity, call us for a quote on equipping your office building with a solar panel system. We’re more than happy to help you find a way to lower your environmental impact and save some money with energy free from the sun!