Solar batteries are a great way to store your extra solar power and save money. They allow you to utilize the extra electricity at times when your solar power system isn’t generating energy including when it is nighttime. This allows you to rely less on the grid and save on your power bills while still enjoying your technological comforts.

What solar batteries are there? 

There are different types of solar batteries that you can have installed in your home. These include battery packs, stackable systems and our very own Solahart Powerstore. Depending on your needs will depend on the system you choose.

Standard solar battery packs are great if you generate a lot of electricity, which is then stored for you to use later. This is one of the most common options for those looking to install a solar battery. The stackable option is also great as it allows you to start off small and if your needs change you can increase or decrease the modules. Finally our Solahart Powerstore is perfect for those looking to use their extra energy for their hot water system so you can have a hot bath in the afternoon without worrying about the amount of money it costs. 

Power Usage Vs Storage 

Before deciding on a solar battery to purchase you need to know what your usage is and the excess energy you are losing. This will allow you to accurately assess your needs and therefore make an informed decision about which solar battery to purchase.

When it comes to the storage of your solar battery you want to make sure it has enough for your needs but not too much that it seems like a waste of money. You can ask your solar battery installer for information about your power usage and what battery might suit but also do your homework so you have everything you need. 

Which battery is best for me? 

Depending on your needs, your electricity usage and your storage requirements will depend on the type of solar battery you need. If you generate a large amount of excess energy then a standard solar battery pack will suit you. If you are unsure about battery storage or you don’t generate too much energy then a stackable system might be right for your home. If you are looking to upgrade your hot water system our Solahart Powerstore would be the best option.

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