There are a lot of great Brisbane solar companies out there that provide Australians with solar products that help them save money. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of dodgy Brisbane solar companies out there looking to take your hard earned money and provide you with a cheap, nasty system as well.

What is even worse is the fact that there have been hundreds of Australians scammed by these dodgy solar companies, which don’t honour their products or warranties. This leaves the customer frustrated and left with a broken system that they either have to spend money on to repair or throw away. 

How to follow up the company 

If you have been the victim of a dodgy solar company there are a few things you can do to try and follow them up. First, try to call them on any number that they have. If they are answering none of them then go online and try to email them.

If you receive no response after trying to repeatedly contact them then check their credentials on ASIC. Here you will find whether the company is still in operation. Make sure to get all their details including their ABN and ACN for your records. If they are still in business, yet are avoiding your calls and emails lodge a complaint with the ACCC. They will help you try to resolve the issue at hand. 

What can you do if they go underground? 

A lot of dodgy solar companies will perform an illegal act called ‘phoenixing’. This is when they close one business under the owner’s name and start a fresh one under a new name, which could be their wife’s, child’s, or even their cousin’s name.

If the business you are chasing has done this, is no longer in operation or the ACCC can’t help then there may be no way for you to receive a free repair under warranty or a refund for your solar power or Brisbane solar hot water system. Therefore it is important to make sure that you never end up in this position where you lose thousands of dollars. 

How to prevent yourself from being scammed 

Preventing yourself from being scammed by dodgy Brisbane solar companies is easy. All you have to do is your research! The more you know the more you will be equipped to avoid those companies that are looking to scam you out of your hard earned money.

The first warning sign that there is a dodgy solar company is if it sounds to good to be true. It usually is and you will get what you pay for so make sure you avoid dirt cheap solar prices altogether.

Another thing to look out for is if the company doesn’t clearly answer your questions, can’t give you a detailed account of what you are spending or what you are using in electricity and if they can’t show you previous work that they have performed.

Reputable Brisbane solar companies, such as ourselves, will make sure you receive all this information and more. They will have been in business for more than 2 years, be a Brisbane CEC accredited solar company and provide trustworthy warranties you can rely on.

If you are wondering which Brisbane solar companies would be good for you ask your neighbours or a friend that has had solar for more than a few years. They will be able to tell you if their Brisbane solar company and the products they sell have been worthwhile.

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