We all know that Solar energy is quickly becoming a more popular and viable option for those wishing to shrink their power bill and increase their energy levels. With Solar, you harness the power of the sun, turning solar rays into clean energy that powers your house and increases your property value with in-demand solar technology. A renewable energy source, Solar energy not only lowers your environmental impact, but fetches you a good deal on your power bill!

But some customers are unconvinced of solar power’s effortless and free-from-the-sun energy claims. After all, the sun only shines for a certain number of hours a day, and if it rains – no sunlight to power the home. Right?

Wrong! You can now store your solar energy in batteries for those rainy days and overnight! Maintain a more consistent usage with a battery system that stores your excess energy, so you don’t have to always rely on the grid for that little top up after a long gloomy few days.

Solar battery storage is a way to save even more on your electricity bill. Store whatever you don’t use during the day and keep your energy up throughout the afternoon and evening. And in times of recession? It’s easier and cheaper to use your stored energy than rely on utilities that might be on the decline when it comes to affordability.

What are solar batteries and what do they do?

The BYD Battery is a sleek and stylish solution that is perfect for the average sized Australian home. It has advanced iron-phosphate technology that meets the requirements for energy storage, peak load and frequency regulation.

Designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors, the BYD Battery is quick and easy to install, with only one technician required to hook it up to your solar panels.

When you install a solar battery as part of your system, you are able to store excess solar electricity at your home instead of sending it back to the grid. If your solar panels are taking in more energy that your household is using, it gets used to charge the battery. When the sun isn’t shining, that battery is where you get your energy from.

What are the benefits?

  1. Save money and minimise your electrical bills 

The next generation of solar battery storage will do wonders for your electricity bill. By storing energy free from the sun, you don’t have to worry about funnelling energy from the grid. You’ve already got it stored and ready to use! Clean energy is not only better for the environment, but for your wallet as well!

  1. Quick and easy to install

Our range of batteries (including BYD and Tesla Powerwall 2) are easy to install both indoors and outdoors. A small enough job that only requires the assistance of one qualified technician, you can get your clean energy up and running as quickly as possible, giving you endless free power from the sun and a backup charge come nightfall!

  1. Solar batteries are recession proof

Utilities are generally thought to be recession proof as everyone continues to use these services regardless of the economic climate. But that can be a false hope, as customers can cause a decline in use depending on their ability to pay for such services. You need utilities that serve your needs and meet your utility expectations. You shouldn’t have to worry about your energy usage – whether it’s through a recession or general living. Solar panels and their corresponding batteries give you total control of your power, with backup energy for those tough times when you can’t depend on the electricity grid.

Save money, help the environment and improve your lifestyle. If you’re interested in saving energy through a natural alternative to electricity, call us for a quote on equipping your solar panel system with a BYD battery. We’re more than happy to help you find a way to lower your environmental impact and save some money with energy free from the sun!