There are many reasons why you may need to upgrade or replace your solar power system. These include needing more solar panels to keep up with your power usage, dead solar panels, broken inverters or when you are moving to a new home.

Can I upgrade my old solar power system? 

Depending on how old your solar power system is will determine whether you can upgrade it or not. If your system is fairly new you can usually upgrade it with more solar panels or a new inverter without too much hassle.

If your solar power system is nearing a decade old there are some issues that may occur with upgrading parts of the system. This is because older panels and inverters were not made to the requirements that are expected from today’s solar power systems and therefore, if they are upgraded, will not be up to industry standards. 

Do I have to replace my solar power system if I move? 

Older solar power systems that are still functioning can remain on an existing home without any ramifications as long as you don’t upgrade or move the system. If you do move homes, however, you can’t take your older solar power system with you unless it is fire rated and CEC accredited.

This means that you will probably have to leave your current system at your old address and purchase a new solar power system for your new home. This is not necessarily a bad thing as solar systems increase the value of your old property while your new property will receive a new solar power system that is more efficient and will save you money on your power bills. 

Why an installer may advise you to replace instead of upgrading your system 

If you are looking at upgrading your older solar power system in Brisbane North an installer might advise you to replace it instead. This may not be upselling but the installer telling you that they are not willing to upgrade your older system.

This can be because the system will or may not work with current solar technology, the system is not up to code and also because, if anything goes wrong, the installer could be liable despite it being another company’s system.

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