If you are new to the solar industry it can be hard to determine good quality solar panels from poor quality solar panels. This is where a lot of Australians unfortunately get caught out and end up with an unusable solar system on the roof of their homes.

The signs of a poor quality solar panel 

If it looks too good to be true it is probably poor quality. Beware of extremely cheap solar panels and services, as you will usually get what you pay for. Cheap solar panels may also be sold by solar panel installers that are not CEC accredited so make sure you check the company’s background and certifications before you buy.

Poor quality solar panels will perform poorly as well and not meet the daily energy production they should. If the solar panel installers have a solar panel that you can look at as an example check for cheap materials or signs of the panel being cheaply made like super glued wiring, dodgy connections, etc. 

The signs of a good quality solar panel 

A good quality solar panel should be made of tempered glass making it resistant to most weather events such as hail. Although a large enough hailstone can break any solar panel so keep this in mind. A quality solar panel should also be backed by a decent product or manufacturer’s warranty, not to be confused with a performance warranty! 

What you should do if you are unsure 

Always ask for a second opinion from multiple sources such as friends you know who have had solar panels for a long time, different CEC accredited solar companies and reputable solar review websites. Make sure the solar panel installers are CEC accredited and have been in the industry for a few years.

Ask lots of questions of the solar panel installers, if they can’t answer them in detail then they are probably selling a poor quality product. Also, ask to see some of their previous work and whether their solar panels are Tier 1 standard.

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