Staying at home may not be what you want to do at the moment but with the isolation laws still in place many Australians working from home, teaching the kids from home or finding things to do around the house. The more people you have living in your home and the more time you spend there, the larger the consumption of energy which in turn increases your power bills. This is where solar can be very beneficial as it can reduce your power bills and save you money.

How Much You Consume While Staying At Home

When you, your partner and all the kids are at home 24/7 there is more demand on your electricity, running televisions, computers, games, cooking, greater use of the dishwasher and other appliances plus hot water. This means higher consumption, leading to larger bills. With the whole family at home you can expect to consume double or triple what you would normally use, and this is reflected in your electricity and hot water bills. With many Australians being out of work this will have an impact financially. Fortunately, there are solutions to help you save.

Benefits Of Solar Power During Isolation

A solar power system is a great way to save money on your electricity bills while you and your family are in isolation. The panels generate electricity during the day so your consumption while you work and the kids watch tv is offset with free energy from the sun.

If you have a solar battery system connected to your solar power system you can store any electricity that wasn’t used during the day for when you need it later. Using the energy you create is a better alternative than receiving tariffs from feeding it into the grid as you receive less for your generated energy than what it is worth using it.

Benefits Of Solar Hot Water During Isolation

Providing hot water for your family is a must, especially while you are all at home. You need it for the extra dishes, hot showers, baths and even for washing the dog. It may surprise you how much hot water you actually use, and being at home more, can become quite costly.


Wondering if you can afford it?

With a Solar hot water system and Solar power, Solahart are offering a saving of up to $1,500 (conditions apply) and you get 60 MONTHS – INTEREST FREE on any residential product. So now is the time to be future proofing your home, cutting your energy costs at a time when you really need to and doing your bit for the planet.

Whether you have a small or large household solar is a great way to provide for the whole family without costing a fortune and taking up this offer means you can enjoy 60 MONTHS of energy. Contact our team at Solahart today to discuss this amazing deal on 07 3390 1590.