There are few certainties in life. Sunrise and sunset are two of them, along with plenty of Australian sunshine in between.

We’re facing spiralling energy costs and an over-reliance on carbon-based fuel. That means more Australians than ever before are looking for cheaper and cleaner alternatives.

Find out how Brisbane solar power can make you substantial energy savings. We’ll examine the key benefits of solar products available for a more secure future.

Why the Future of the Grid Lacks Reliability
Before we get going on the huge advantages that solar power can offer, here are a few sobering thoughts:

  1. Reliance on Fossil Fuels

The majority of Australia’s east coast electricity originates from a set of massive, coal-fired power stations. They produce some of the highest carbon emissions per person in the world.

  1. A Prolonged Conflict with Russia

Analysts cite the war in Ukraine and the souring of relations with Russia as key reasons for rising, unstable energy prices. The West’s military commanders and politicians say we’re in for the long haul with no quick fix for getting relations with Russia back on track.

  1. Energy Price Increases

You can expect energy prices to lead to an increase in bills of more than 11 percent in southeast Queensland this year alone. There could be far worse to come.

  1. More Severe Weather

We’re experiencing a challenging global environment and extreme weather events. These are happening in parts of Australia, including South-East Queensland. They are also contributing to rising energy prices and it looks like we’ll have to live with an increasing number of them.

  1. Aftershocks From COVID-19

As the Australian economy has begun to recover from the pandemic, supply has outstripped the demand for energy. That’s helped fuel a rise in energy prices.

  1. Too Little Time

It’d be very tough, if not impossible, to quickly scale up alternative energy sources at an industrial-style level. That’s because the process of installation at that kind of rate would take so long. It’s too late to wait for governments to step in.

Many Options Already Exhausted
More and more consumers are getting fed up with comparing and switching energy suppliers for the best deals. They’re exhausting discounts. They’re already using energy-saving appliances and cutting down on their daily power usage.

What they’re looking for is a simpler answer to a problem fraught with global and national complexities that are outside their control.

Making Substantial Energy Savings
So what’s the solution? Business experts across the board say a focus on solar energy is a no-brainer.

One attraction is that individuals can immediately take matters into their own hands. It puts the consumer back in the driving seat and means they don’t need to wait for the entire energy industry to play catch-up.

What solar energy can do is offer an eternal and clean power source at one stable, fixed price. Make too much electricity and you’ll even be able to sell any surplus on through the national grid.

Australia, and Brisbane in particular, have a ready supply of sunshine on tap. That’s a  key driver for why the country now enjoys the biggest uptake of solar power in the world.

A Clean Bill of Health for Brisbane Solar Power
A solar installation means you’re in good company. You’ll be joining the ranks of around 30 percent of Australian homes enjoying rooftop solar systems for a brighter future.

You may be planning to stay in your home or office space for several years. Solar panels offer a very economical solution if you have a sunny roof, especially as grid electricity tariffs continue to rise.

The procedure to convert sunlight into electricity is clean. The use of photovoltaic (PV) systems generates zero greenhouse gas emissions. You’ll have the opportunity to increase the value of your property with any installation.

What’s in It for the Consumer?
The likely continued instability of energy prices and an over-reliance on fossil fuels are making consumers sit up. They’re thinking in a way that they’ve never done before or on such a scale. Alternative sources of energy like solar offer these key advantages to consumers:

  • Greater control over energy supply and future energy bills
  • Less reliance on power from the national grid
  • A significant reduction in long-term energy bills
  • A more environmentally friendly energy source
  • Use of ever-improving technological advances
  • An unbroken energy supply during a grid black-out
  • The ability to sell on excess energy produced and offset start-up costs
  • The potential for government incentives by installing solar products
  • The chance to increase the value of their homes
  • Enjoyment of a system that requires low maintenance
  • The creation of a better future for their children

Experts agree solar installations compare well against low-risk financial investments. That includes paying down a mortgage.

In Queensland, you can expect an even faster payback. That’s because you get more hours of sunlight in the state compared to other cities like Melbourne or Hobart. The result is far less potential reliance on the national energy grid.

Key Considerations About Solar Products
Selecting a reputable solar retailer is vital when it comes to energy savings. Solar products and their installation have become more and more competitively priced. There continue to be huge advances in the efficiency of the three main solar staples:

  • Rooftop solar hot water systems
  • Solar power PV panels
  • Solar battery storage

Nobody can expect households to be experts in what is a fast-moving market. That’s why you should choose a Brisbane solar power retailer and installer who’s built a reputation with a proven track record. Like Solahart.

Ask them to provide evidence that they are across all the latest and most efficient solar products. Price should always be a consideration, but it is vital to get accurate, up-front advice and a problem-free installation.

Solar professionals, such as Solahart Brisbane South East, also need to be individually qualified by the Clean Energy Corporation (CEC). They should have ‘Approved Solar Retailer’ status. They should also be able to offer full warranties and comprehensive after-sales service.

Energy Savings in Brisbane
Solahart in Brisbane South East, as well as Brisbane North, are experts in Brisbane solar installation and can help you with your solar power savings. Get in touch now and make certainty a reality today.