Want to know some surprising facts about solar power? Then keep reading to discover more!

• In the last 4 years small scale solar was the second largest contributor to Australia’s overall renewable generated energy, at 23.5 per cent! This just goes to show the small changes of everyday Aussies converting to solar power is making huge changes to our environment.

• Generating electricity is the second most expensive factor in your power bill after infrastructure costs. Just imagine how much you could slash on those dreaded power bills when you generate your own electricity!• In 1839, a French physicist by the name of Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect – which is when a voltage or electric current is produced when exposed to light or radiant energy.

• Here is another surprising fact about solar power! In 1954, Bell laboratories created the first practical silicone cell, inspired by the work of Becquerel. They demonstrated their solar panel by powering a small ferris wheel. Look how far we have come!

• Electricity is converted from sunlight through cells of fabricated semiconductor crystals on your solar panels. These crystals are hard brittle silicone, a natural material which is the second most abundant element on earth.

Solar panels still work on cloudy days! Obviously, their output is not as high due to the quality of solar rays being reduced but rest assured, your solar panels will be generating electricity during the day regardless of the weather.

• Installers with Clean Energy Council (CEC) memberships have the most up to date knowledge and skills. They are committed to following industry best practises which include responsible sales and marketing. A CEC member takes pride in their trade and will give you peace of mind your solar installation will be working for many years to come. You can search for an accredited installer here.

• Another surprising fact about solar power is the Southern Queensland gets on average 7-8 hours of sunshine a day, with around 300 days of sunshine each year. That is a lot of sunshine to be using for your power!

• Converting energy from the sun to electricity is 100% pollutant free, with no noise or adverse effects to the environment. Solar packages usually take around 1-2 business days to install depending on system size.

Solar panels can be installed on flat or tilted rooves. If the roof is flat, the installer will likely mount the panels on angled brackets in the correct position to get the best possible result. This may cost more, so always check this in any quote.

• Because Queensland has an abundance of sunshine, it is likely your system will produce more electricity than you need. When this happens, excess power goes back to the grid and you will receive a financial incentive called a ‘feed in tariff’ for each kHw exported back to the grid. That’s money in YOUR pocket for producing energy!

Battery storage is fast becoming the most popular alternative to feeding back to the grid, allowing homeowners the ability to use excess stored power in the evenings rather than switching back to the grid when the sun goes down.

Solar energy has been used by plants and microorganisms since the dawn of time, in the process of photosynthesis.

So, there you have it…some surprising facts about Solar Power!

Harnessing the power of the sun to produce our energy is a practise as old as time, but as the clock ticks on non-renewables and the pressure increases to reduce global emissions, solar power is fast becoming Australia’s go to for energy production.

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