You’ve found the investment property of your dreams. You got it for a reasonable price and you’re now ready to sell. The renovations went smoothly, the new paint and flooring look fantastic, and even the neighbours love the tidy touches you’ve added to the landscaping. It’s now time to step back and pat yourself on the back. But you still have a couple of nagging questions. First, should you plant that magnolia tree out front, and, second, is it really worth taking the risk of installing a solar system?

We think the magnolia tree is a matter of taste. When it comes to solar, however, at Solarhart, of course, we say yes, go for it! Adding solar power to your investment properties could be one of the best moves you make and here’s why.

Australians Are Loving Solar
Australia is one of the sunniest places on the planet. And with the Earth heating up, it certainly makes sense to take advantage of all that light. Thankfully, statistics show Aussies are doing just that. Reports indicate more than 20% of the nation’s homes now have rooftop solar panels installed. Solar power for investment properties is a smart move! Impressively, this makes Australia the world’s leading nation when it comes to the amount of solar power generated per person.

And the best news is that people keep wanting more. In 2020, Aussie uptake of solar went up a staggering 28% compared with 2019. Plainly put, people are loving solar power. Looking ahead, the popularity of this energy source is very likely to continue to grow. A solar installation on your property now could make it a hot commodity on the real estate market.

Can Solar Power Increase the Value of My Property?
Yes, solar panels equal money in your pocket! A survey done by Origin Energy in 2017 showed that 85% of Australians believed solar panels added value to a home. And the more solar panels you install, the greater the increase. While estimates vary, some say a 5kw solar system installation can add up to $29,000 to your property. Worth it!

Will I Sell Faster With Solar?
Of course, no one has a crystal ball, (or at least one that truly works). How fast your property sells depends on many factors. What buyers in your area are looking for is usually multifaceted. But some additions can give you that extra edge. Research shows you could potentially sell your investment property up to 20% faster when it has a solar system installed. Obviously, adding solar is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

How Will My Buyer Gain Down the Road?
From rooftop solar hot water to solar power, battery and energy storage, and more, solar power for investment properties will definitely help your buyer save money in the future. And this is a strong selling point. It’s estimated that homes in Australia with a solar system can save up to $400 per year for each kW of power generated. With a large solar system, this adds up to thousands of dollars in annual savings.

There is no question the sun’s power is the wave of the future. By installing a solar system when flipping a property you stand to gain in many areas. You can potentially sell faster, have more clients interested in your property, and sell for a higher price. Simply put, everyone gains; you, your buyer, and the planet. Adding solar broadens your real estate horizons.

Contact us now for a free quote and find out how we help add value to your property. We have over 65 years of experience as Australia’s leading solar installer.