Solar power servicing is a vital part of maintaining your solar panels. You installed them to improve the energy efficiency and production of your home, so you want to be sure that they are still working at top capacity!

The Clean Energy Council, or CEC, recommends that you have a solar servicing company check your system each year. This will confirm that your solar powers are fault free and operating at optimum performance.

Increase Your Energy Output
The primary reasons you need to hire a Brisbane solar power servicing company is to increase the energy production of your solar panels.

As time passes, dust and debris will begin to build on the solar panels installed on your roof. Not only could this compromise the energy production and performance of the solar panel system, but it could also cause damage that prevents them from working.

Other factors like moisture, water seepage, wind, hail, and rodents can also cause your solar panels to deteriorate.

When you invest in the best solar products like those offered by Solahart, you want to take care of them! Solar maintenance involves cleaning off this debris and ensuring that no significant damage has occurred that could compromise the panels.

As a result, solar servicing will increase the energy production of your panels by making sure they can absorb the most sunlight!

Ensure Your Solahart System is Working Effectively
Another reason you need routine solar maintenance is to ensure that the solar panel system is working effectively. Since these panels involve a complex electrical system, solar servicing also verifies that it is safe for everyone living inside the home.

A system that is not working effectively due to loose, frayed or cracked wiring could lead to inefficiencies and reduced energy production. Maintaining the panels maximises the cost savings you receive on your electric bill – so it is well worth the cost to service the system.

Think about your solar panels like any other appliance or vehicle – you would never go more than a year without servicing your car and cleaning it! In the same way, solar servicing is the best way to ensure that the panels continue to operate effectively and safely.

We Can Service Any System – or Help you Upgrade!
Solar power servicing is more than just cleaning off the panels, though. This is why at Solahart Brisbane, all of our expert electricians are CEC accredited and work to comply with all Australian standards.

Each technician will confirm that your solar panels are free of defects and securely fastened in place. They will inspect all parts and pieces to verify that none of them have corroded or deteriorated.

The same goes for the wiring – they will run electrical checks to be sure that everything is operating as intended, and that no defects are found in the switches.

Here are some other aspects of our solar power servicing:

– Check that all vents are clear of debris
– Secure all cables and fittings
– Validate that access to isolator switches are not impeded
– Make sure that emergency shutdown and isolation procedures are clearly labelled

Solahart Brisbane is dedicated to servicing any solar system – or helping you upgrade to a new one if the conditions are warranted! We only provide the best solar products, and we have over a decade of experience in the Brisbane South East area.

Whatever your solar power servicing needs are, we are here to help! Our experts will help you increase energy production and give you peace of mind that your solar panels are working as intended: safely and efficiently!