The Home battery that grows with your family


Sick of sending your power back to the grid, just so you can buy it back that night?

BYD Battery Box from Solahart is a modular home battery that gives growing families the flexibility they need.
Simply add the individual battery boxes as you need them.


High Efficiency

Captures and stores excess solar energy resulting in greater self-consumption of solar generation and reduced energy costs. 

Modular Battery

Scalable battery system size allows for excellent design flexibility, ensuring you have the most appropriate system for your household. 


 Extensive life testing of the state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery chemistry ensures reliability and energy retention. 

Safe Operation

 BYD brings its proven safety record and experience as the world’s largest EV manufacturer to their home battery products.

Solahart Warranty

Enjoy a 10 year warranty with your brand new BYD Battery Storage System for peace of mind*


Works With Any Style Of Home Or Property

AC Systems

DC System

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Why are solahart batteries so good?

BYD battery-BOX LV
Low Voltage Battery Storage

For over 60 years, Solahart has been Australia’s most recognised name in solar. Our systems are designed and manufactured for the harshest Australian conditions with quality ingrained in everything we do.

Solahart’s experienced dealers and accredited installers are also well positioned to provide advice on the benefits of the BYD Battery Box LV battery and the other renewable energy solutions we offer that help householders and businesses reduce their energy costs and their impact on the environment. Our specialised dealers are skilled in understanding the specific needs of consumers and tailoring solutions to meet those needs and are ready to provide advice on the benefits of the BYD Battery Box LV battery. Due to the complexity of what we sell and the uniqueness of every situation, we believe the best approach is to come to your home and offer a free solar assessment.

Take your power back!

For ultimate savings, add a home battery to your solar power system and store excess electricity produced during the day for use later on.

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Captures And Stores Excess Solar Energy For Use At Night

BYD Battery-Box Low Voltage (LV) is a 48 V lithium-ion battery that charges using electricity generated either from your solar panels or from the grid when the utility rates are low; to then power your home in the evening, when the sun is not shining or when utility rates are higher.

Battery-Box LV is modular and scalable in design, providing flexibility and ease of installation, and is suitable for all domestic applications.

It’s Not just solar
It’s SolarHart


A message to our customers about coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Solahart, our highest priority is to ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of our customers and our teams. If you would like to get a quote but don’t feel safe with a face-to-face visit, we completely understand and are only too happy to conduct your full solar assessment over the phone together with appropriate digital technology.

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Take advantage of the current commercial solar grants and install a solar battery system at your commercial premises today!

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