Environmental concerns are rising in Australia, leading to a significant shift to renewable energy use among its population, triggering a rise in renewable energy jobs like solar. Current projections are saying that renewables could actually meet 100% of Australia’s demands by as early as 2025.

The energy collected from renewable resources without depletion is referred to as “Renewable energy.” These natural replenishing energy sources include sunlight, wind and rain just to name a few. So if you’re thinking about joining the movement from an employment perspective, the future has never, ever, looked brighter!

Why do the future jobs look bright?
More people are becoming aware of climate change and the effects it has on the planet. Therefore, their support has seen the industry continue to grow and flourish.  Reports show a continuous increase in green jobs until 2030. Thus, they will shape the future as more people change towards renewables.

The government also supports this sector by funding it, causing a rapid rise in jobs. Indeed this is a catalyst industry, with many fields to explore and a variety of positions available. As the saying goes, don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none, do some research and decide which field best suits you and your skills.

The 3 Most Popular and Demanding Renewables

  • Solar project Managers: According to Airswift reports, 22,000 solar energy jobs in Australia are anticipated in the coming years. Solar power is on-demand; hence professionals are hot property in the solar power industry.
  • Renewable Energy Consultant: Who doesn’t need energy advice? This position entails energy surveys, audits, and technical data analyses to designate the amount of energy created and educate clients about clean energy. In five years’ time, renewable energy jobs are expected to reach 20,000.
  • Engineers: Green energy has a broad category that even if you are looking for a job, you are exposed to several niches. From mechanical hydrology to environmental engineering, the future is spectacularly bright for qualified engineers.

Solar Powered Inventions that Have Changed the World
There are a wide variety of solar-power innovations that have taken the world by storm, changing how energy is produced and used. Solar energy is one of the rapid-growing renewable energies that provide clean energy with a promising future.

Various innovations that are commonly available to the market include:

1. Solar Power Systems

More people are becoming energy and environmentally conscious and solar power systems are an ideal option. Solar technology is becoming robust and reliable with major innovations yearly, meaning that more people can now access free energy from the sun and save.

Solahart being the first company to identify the value of the sun’s free energy, our solar power PV systems are among the most efficient globally for considerable energy savings to residents. Having the proper design of your solar system is paramount to reducing your bill consistently and calculably.

Solahart Brisbane South East has a decade of experience in supplying, installing, and providing after-sale services to solar hot water, battery storage, and solar power customers across the greater Brisbane area to Bracken Ridge and Oxenford.

2. Solar panels

Aside from solar panels saving you a lot of money on energy bills, they are environmentally friendly as they generate their own clean and sustainable energy. Solar panel installation is quite an investment, so engaging a professional, like Solahart in the process is paramount.

Solahart Brisbane South East is here for you. We offer free consultation on all our solar products and services. As believers in quality, durability, and efficiency, we provide top-notch panels that meet Australian standards and high-tech installation and maintenance services to all our customers.

Homeowners that use solar not only reduce their electricity bills but also have great tariff rates depending on their location provider.

3. Battery Packs

Redland is known for its hot climate and powerful sun rays; a Redland solar provider can offer a suitable pairing and a clear choice for those investing in solar power through the compelling nature of storing the sun’s energy in battery packs during the day then yielding power at night when you really need it.

4. Split System Solar hot water

Engineered to provide maximum flexibility of locational installation and with a range of boosters to ensure a constant hot water supply even on cloudy days. Find your perfect system and start saving from the moment of installation.

Not only will you save with solar hot water, but you also lower your impact on the environment and your overall carbon footprint while offering an aesthetic appeal to your home by maximizing the sun’s potential energy savings.

If you want an asset that protects you from the high electricity bills every year, a powerful solar system is what you need. Our aim at Solahart is to allow you to enjoy both the financial and environmental advantages of becoming energy independent.

Solar renewable jobs
The solar industry has several jobs, with solar installation being the backbone. Residential solar installers do the installation and often the maintenance and servicing too. Other job opportunities in the solar industry include:

  • Solar installation labourer – moves heavy solar panels onto the roof and mounts inverters) helping an accredited solar installer and solar franchise.
  • Solar sales – they help solar retailers sell their solar products and help customers find the right ones for their home or business needs.
  • IT  personnel– there is data involved in the solar world, for instance, the modern inverters are internet-connected and output various levels of data; thus, getting it into the database for analysis by engineers requires the IT Personnel.

If you’re thinking of finding a career that not only helps people, but also the environment, then we can recommend the Solar industry. This industry offers wonderful opportunities along with job security and the chance to make a difference to the planet.

There is no doubt, that solar is here to stay and with the industry continuing to grow and develop new solar technology, the future sure does look bright for Solar Power!