Solar battery storage systems are the latest technology to hit the solar market. With different types of solar batteries to choose from it can be hard to make a decision. However, is battery storage the right choice for you?

This decision should be made based on the electricity consumption of your household and whether solar battery storage will help you save. If you are thinking about purchasing a solar battery for the sake of it then it might not be the best fit for you.

What do Brisbane solar battery storage systems do?

Solar battery storage systems work with your solar power system to convert excess electricity into stored energy instead of feeding it back into the grid. This allows your home to use this excess electricity when your solar power system isn’t generating electricity for your household. This enables you to save money during peak times in the morning and afternoon when electricity is in high demand.

Solar battery storage systems are easily installed both inside and outside the home and can be connected to new and existing solar power systems. This makes them both functional and versatile with some Brisbane solar battery storage systems including modular units, which you can add or subtract from depending on your needs.

How does solar battery storage benefit me?

When it comes to saving money on your electricity bill Brisbane solar battery storage systems can be a better option at saving than feed in tariffs. This is only the case for those who generate more electricity during times when their solar power system isn’t generating electricity for their home.

You will receive more value for money from storing your electricity and using it later than relying on feed in tariffs. This is because your electricity company pays you less per kilowatt in feed in tariffs than they are worth when you generate and use the electricity yourself.

Is solar battery storage right for my home?

Solar battery storage systems are not for everyone and can cost you more than save you money. This is why you need to consider if it is right for you. A few ways you can do this is to determine the price of the system, your consumption and whether it will help you save.

If your solar battery storage system will cost you or make you break even on your investment then it is not right for you. This is because your consumption is less than those that would benefit from solar battery storage or you use most of your electricity generated by your solar power system while it is working making your battery storage system useless.

For those that have high consumption rates early in the morning or late at night solar battery storage can be a great money saver. It allows your excess electricity to be stored instead of feeding back into the grid, which gives you more value for money for your generated electricity. This, in turn, saves you more on your electricity and allows you to use it when you need it most.

You can order a Brisbane solar battery storage system from a reputable Redlands solar company on 07 3390 1590.