When it comes to purchasing Brisbane solar you definitely get what you pay for. That is why it is so important to do your research and find a quality installer so you have a hassle free Brisbane solar experience.

Make sure they are CEC accredited 

There are so many Brisbane solar companies on the market now that pop up, sell you a cheap solar package and then disappear into the night. This has left hundreds of Australians as solar orphans with broken solar systems and no warranties or the installer to take responsibility for it.

Making sure your solar company is CEC accredited, like ourselves, is important as they have to abide by industry rules to become and stay a member of the Clean Energy Council. Any solar company without a CEC accreditation or is less than two years old should be avoided as you could end up in strife.

Make sure they have your best interests at heart 

The solar company you choose to purchase your solar power system with should perform a thorough check of how and when you use your electricity. This helps quality installers determine which system is right for your home and will suggest to you what changes you may need to make or if you need to include a solar battery storage system as well.

Any company that hasn’t thoroughly been over your electricity usage and can’t answer your questions is probably not the best one to go with. They probably do not have your best interests at heart and you may not receive the savings you are looking for in your solar power or solar hot water system. 

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! 

You have probably heard this saying before but it is very true for a lot of things including solar. There are many scams out there that offer a full solar package for almost nothing and this is where a lot of people get caught out.

They purchase these cheap solar packages and the installation is performed then about a month later you start having issues. You go onto your roof and the solar panels aren’t mounted properly and the wiring is exposed and just lying about. You try to call the company but it continuously goes to message bank. These are unfortunately the tactics that are used to scam you out of your hard earned money.

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