Solar hot water Capalaba has been increasing in popularity for many years and continues to do so as more and more homeowners are looking to save on their hot water bills. However, if you are new to the topic of solar hot water, you may be wondering what types of solar hot water systems there are, how it works and how it benefits you as an Australian homeowner. Here is some information to get you started!

Types of solar hot water systems

At Solahart, we provide two types of solar hot water systems for your home. These include roof mounted solar hot water systems Capalaba and split systems. The first is a system that combines both the tank and panels, which are mounted to the roof of your home.

The split system is installed by mounting the collector panel on the roof of your home while the water tank sits on the ground. The two are then connected so that the panels heat the water, which the tank then sends to your tap when it is being used.

Types of solar hot water collectors

There are two types of collectors that a solar hot water system can possess the first is an evacuated tube collector and the second is a flat plat collector.

Evacuated tube collectors work on a vacuum system where the space between the upper and lower glass tubes of the system are evacuated. These systems mount the tubes on the roof while the tank sits on the ground to collect the hot water.

Solahart use flat plate collectors in our solar hot water system Capalaba products, as they are more streamlined and easier to install. The flat plate system uses copper pipes that run through the collector and are covered by a sheet of glass. The pipes are heated as the sun beats down on the collector panels creating hot water for your home.

How does a Solahart solar hot water system work?

Our roof mounted and split systems work in a very similar fashion with both relying on copper pipes to be heated within collectors placed on the roof that warm your water.

Our roof mounted solar hot water system relies on rising hot water to function. This works by heating up the water within the copper pipes which rises and pushes its way into the tank. The water in the tank is then pushed out into the copper pipes within the collector to be heated by the sun. The hot water is then sent to your tap when you turn it on.

Our split system works in a similar way, except that it needs the water pumped from the tank to the collector. This works through a ‘circulator’, which activates when the water in the collector is a higher temperature than the water in the tank. It then transfers the hot water down to the tank and replaces the water in the collector with unheated water. This process stops when the heated water in the tank reaches around 70ºC.

Why is this beneficial to me?

Heating your hot water accounts for almost 40% of household energy usage. It’s no wonder those bills are so high! That is why many Australians are switching to solar hot water to curb the money spent on one of the most expensive systems in their home.

Solar hot water is very beneficial as it reduces your emissions, which helps the environment, reduces your bills and saves you money. What is better than that?! Everyone loves a little extra money in their pocket after all!

If you are convinced that solar hot water is right for you contact us today to discuss your options so we can provide you with a quote on 07 3390 1590.