Your hot water usage is one of the biggest bills your home incurs, especially if you love those long showers. That is why solar hot water can really help but what if you heated your water the smart way? Do you think you could save even more? Let’s find out!

How can I heat my water the smart way?

Easy! By using a Solahart Powerstore! This water heater is great as it not only allows you to use free energy from the sun, it stores your excess solar energy from your solar power system and converts it into hot water instead of feeding it back to the grid.

The Solahart Powerstore has a large thermal energy storage capacity of 13kWh making it perfect for storing large amounts of unused energy to heat your water. Combine this with smart controls that detect when there is excess solar power and you have a system that will save you heaps!

How is the Solahart Powerstore different from other water heaters?

The Solahart Powerstore uses variable power to heat your water instead of fixed power like standard electric hot water systems. This allows it to be compatible with your solar power system and the energy that feeds from it into the Powerstore’s tank.

The Solahart Powerstore utelises two heating units instead of one, which is usually what standard electric water heaters come with. The first element at the top of the tank heats water even without excess energy feeding in from your solar power system. However, when there is excess solar power it will feed into the Solahart Powerstore and activate both the top and bottom heating units in the tank.

Does it work with an energy home management system?

YES! You can easily connect your Solahart Powerstore to an energy home management system. This allows you to use energy when the demand for electricity isn’t at its peak so you save money on what you use from the grid.

Using an energy home management system with your Solahart Powerstore will also allow you to track your usage. This will allow you to determine what and when your system is using energy and possibly who if you have a little hot shower bug!

Will this help me save?

Most definitely! The Powerstore is equipped to provide you with hot water when there is excess solar power generated and, when combined with an energy home management system, will calculate when it is the best time to heat your water.

As the Solahart Powerstore uses solar energy it saves you money by using free energy from the sun and reduces your impact on the environment. It also helps to reduce your hot water bill and the energy usage needed to heat your water.

If you are looking to save on your hot water bills with a Solahart Powerstore contact us today for a quote on 07 3390 1590.