Solar hot water can be an ideal way to jump into solar and save.

Solar power is amazing and clearly, Aussies know this fact the best. Almost 3 million households in Australia now enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar panels, with record-breaking installations taking place right across the country.

Solar power is a true winner with the ability to help you lower your electricity bills drastically over time and give back to the environment in unprecedented ways. But what about solar hot water? Is it really worth the investment? We think it certainly is!

Here is how a Capalaba Solar Hot Water system adds up, and the benefits a high-quality system can bring to your home.

Solar hot water is an ideal way to start with solar power
Opting to power your home with energy from the sun can be a big step to take. Having both a solar power generating system and a high quality solar hot water system installed in your home can be the best way to go. You get to use the power of the sun in all aspects of powering your home for optimal results. But sometimes you might not be ready to jump in full force. When choosing just one solar system, to begin with, a solar hot water system can be an ideal starter. Why? Because hot water is a huge power-eater in Australia.

Statistics show that hot water alone takes up about 25% of the average Australian household’s energy. This is massive! When you switch to solar hot water you automatically reduce your energy bill by a staggering 25% overnight. A solar hot water system is easy to install and simple yet effective in its engineering. Collector panels are situated on your roof where they gather heat from the sun. This warmth then heats up water sitting inside the panels, which is sent to an insulated tank to be kept for you to use when you need it. You don’t need a battery to store the sun’s energy, as it’s kept in the water for later use. Even on cloudy days, you can easily access the benefits of eco-generated hot water that makes a difference.

A roof-mounted solar hot water system can increase the value of your home
Installing a solar hot water system on your roof not only cuts your energy bill and helps reduce carbon emissions contributing to global warming, but research shows it can also potentially be a real estate marketing bonus. A survey done by in 2017 found that 78% of Australians believed a solar hot water system added value to their home. As a system that takes up considerably less roof space than a traditional solar system, this is an attractive energy-saving solution.

At Solahart, we have a full range of rooftop solar water heating systems to choose from to match your unique needs. Our most popular system, the Solahart L. Series, is ideal for generating hot water in areas that get a medium to a high level of sun. Constructed with low iron glass, these open-circuit solar water heaters come in 180lt and 300lt options. Save up to 65% on your water heating needs and cut your water bill today!

Get increased flexibility with a split system solar hot water system
Some people find they appreciate the look of a smooth roof. A split system solar hot water heater uses collectors panels installed on your roof and a pressurised water tank in a separate location. The water tank can reside anywhere on your property. This gives you added flexibility to place your tank where space allows. It thereby provides you with the benefits of less equipment breaking up the appearance of your roof.

This type of system heats water indirectly and can be combined with auxiliary energy if needed. Solarhart’s Streamline MC Series provides hot water heating in areas with low sun conditions while minimising the visual impact of going solar. Enjoy anti-frost options and a reduction of up to 75% on your water heating for households with medium levels of energy use.

Solar hot water reduces your carbon footprint
Yes, some individuals still debate whether this is true but more and more people are now agreeing that carbon emissions are at the centre of global warming. This is truly bad news. It’s a fact that in Australia, 73% of electricity comes from burning coal and an additional 13% from burning gas. All of this pollution contributes to a CO2 pollution level across the nation that’s four times the global average. But there’s hope! Solar hot water can make a big difference. Research has shown that a solar hot water system can potentially reduce your household carbon emissions by between 1.6 and 2.7 tonnes per year. As an eco-friendly option, a solar hot water heater can go a long way towards helping to create a cleaner environment and a better future for all.

Solar hot water is ultra-efficient
Capalaba Solar Hot Water can help cut your energy bill and save the environment, but is it really that efficient? Yes, when situated in optimal conditions, a solar hot water system can be a very efficient way to heat your water. Research has shown that, in hot weather, a high-quality system can convert up to 80% of the energy gathered from the sun into heat. This makes solar hot water one of the most efficient ways to heat water in your home.

Get the best solar hot water with Solahart
At Solahart Brisbane South East, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide range of products and services like our Capalaba Solar Hot Water. We offer free solar assessments to help you decide if solar hot water or a solar system is right for your home. With a knowledgeable team ready to help you make the best solar choice and highly skilled technicians available to install all products, we make a solar transition easy. Contact our team today for a free quote and start saving!