Currently Australia is the leader in providing solar power and targeting renewable energy targets. To achieve this the Government released the solar rebate or ‘incentive’ to encourage homeowners to switch to cleaner energy. This comes in the form of Renewable Energy Certicficates (REC) or Small scale Technology Certificates (STC) for residential buildings. 

How Does The Rebate Work? 

When you purchase a Brisbane solar power or solar hot water system the Government gives you STC’s. The number of STC’s they give you depends on the size of your system, where you live and when you install your Brisbane solar power system.

Obviously the larger your Brisbane solar power system the more you will receive in terms of a rebate. The amount someone saves on the same system varies though. If you live in Alice Springs you will receive a larger rebate than those living in Brisbane. This is because the Government has divided Australia into zones to allow those with more sun exposure to gain a better rebate.

The price of your rebate can still fluctuate no matter where you live and this is due to the market price of STC’s. The maximum amount an STC can be sold at is $40. This varies depending on the demand for solar, if the demand goes up the STC market price comes down. Currently this price sits around $37 for a single STC. 

Should I use or sell my STC’s? 

You can use your STC’s in two ways. You can exchange them for a cheaper price on your solar or sell them on the open market. Some Brisbane solar companies will include the discount from the rebate in their pricing but if you want to sell the STC’s yourself you can discuss your options with them.

Exchanging your STC’s for a discount on your Brisbane solar power system is a great way to save money. It allows you to pay less for your system while not having to worry about selling your STC’s later.

Selling your STC’s on the open market does give you a chance to gain more back than what you bought them for. However, with the slow decline of the value of STC’s currently you may not receive as much as you would have thought since the price fluctuates all the time, similarly to shares. 

Should I wait to install solar or buy now? 

If you are thinking about installing solar for your home it is best to get in now while the rebate still gives you a good discount on your Brisbane solar power system. By 2030, the value of STC’s will hit $0 and the rebate will no longer exist. Therefore, the sooner you install a Brisbane solar power system the more you will save.

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