Solar power is a great option to save money on your electricity bill. Many Australians have made the switch to solar and it continues to grow with more advanced technologies being implemented every year to help you save.

Making the decision to purchase a Brisbane solar power system should not be made lightly. There are multiple factors you need to consider before you make your purchase as this can have long term effects on your home and savings.

Measure your electricity usage before you buy

Knowing what you and your family consume in electricity is an important step before you purchase a solar power system. This will allow you to make a better decision about which sized system you need and whether it would be beneficial to add a solar battery storage system as well.

You can ask your electricity provider to provide a detailed report of your consumption or you can ask your electrician to install a monitor. Once you have the statistics you will have a better idea about when your consumption peaks and what times you don’t use as much electricity.

Calculate the number of solar panels you need

After you have the information you need the next step is to determine the number of solar panels you need. You can have too little or too many when it comes to solar panels but some things to consider besides your energy usage are the weather and environment.

If you live in a very shaded area or receive lots of cloud cover then you may need more solar panels to meet the demands of your home. If you receive sun most of the time and have no trees in sight then you won’t need as many on your rooftop.

A reputable solar provider should be able to take the information you provide them about your consumption and your home’s environment to help you make the best choice. This will ensure you save on your electricity bill as much as possible and reduce the time in which your system will pay for itself.

Understand your ‘rebates’ and ‘feed in tariffs’

Rebates and feed in tariffs are both beneficial to you when you purchase a solar system but it is important to not get them confused. Solar rebates are claimed through the Government to help pay for your solar power system so you save money on your original purchase.

Feed in tariffs are different from solar rebates as they are claimed through your electricity provider. You will receive a small amount of money per kilowatt that your solar power system feeds back into the electrical grid. This helps save money on your electricity bill where you can view the amount owed and the amount that has been credited to your account. There are almost no completely off grid systems where you will save 100%. If a solar company tells you this it is too good to be true and they may not be as reputable a provider as you might think.

You can discuss and order a Brisbane solar power system for your home with a reputable Brisbane solar company by contacting us on 07 3390 1590.