Owning and operating a business comes with many overheads. While some are necessary to your trade’s survival and ongoing success, others can begin to burn a hole in your proverbial back pocket. Read on to learn more about the benefits of solar power for your business!

With the costs of power continuing to rise year by year and Australian power prices being some of the worlds most expensive, your business’s power bills will continue to grow, especially if your workplace has a large amount of staff. General requirements like power for internet, lighting and equipment is a given, but wintertime can see your chilly staff turn the thermostat up an extra few degrees to stay warm. It is likely employees don’t attempt to conserve energy as much as they would at home where they are paying for it, but you also want them to be comfortable and productive when onsite.

If your office or workplace starts operations early and shuts up shop late, the majority of the day uses power you are paying for and your bills will reflect this. While the upfront cost of solar installation may be preventing you from signing up, solar power will dramatically reduce your power bills as soon as they’re up and running. This is another benefit of solar power. Electricity converted by solar power from the sun will reduce your businesses reliance on the grid and provide you with free energy during sunshine hours, depending on the size and capacity of your installation.

The Australian Energy Regulator predicts energy consumers will continue to rely on self-generated power over the coming years as prices continue to soar. Solar panels are a vital way to protect your business from volatile energy costs, and your savings will pay for your system in no time showing the benefits of solar power really do pay off.

You can also improve your public image by going green with your energy and communicating with your stakeholders that you are serious about protecting the environment. Consumer market trends have shifted over the years to show consumers are mostly conscious buyers whose decision making is now more and more influenced by environmental impacts. So demonstrating your green credentials is another positive benefit for your business communications.

If the savings and the positive image is not enough to turn you to the green side, government incentives in the form of rebates and feed-in tariffs should get you over the line. For example, in Queensland, the state government will pay you a per kilowatt rate for the energy you produce during the day that you do not use. This unused energy is fed back into the grid. So, if you are using less power on weekends or public holidays, you may end up in credit. As a result, you are paying off the upfront costs even faster and knowing that you contribute to greener energy for both your business and the wider community.

You may be wondering what will happen on the dark cloudy days where the sun doesn’t make much of an appearance. This is nothing to worry about; your system will work when the UV rays from the sun can convert into energy. When they don’t, your business will still be connected and draw from the grid. So, if the morning is dull but the afternoon bright and cloudless, you can be confident your power supply will remain uninterrupted. The only change will be, you only pay for the power you consume when your system can’t cover it.

There are many benefits of solar power for business and if this blog has convinced you that you’ve been putting off installing solar for too long, call Solahart today for a quote. Solahart Brisbane South East can assess your business and property and advise on the best system for your needs. We’ll have you up and running and saving money in no time!