Like the wives tales of old, in the wrong hands, myths become gospel. But when you’re researching something like solar panels, you really need to know right from wrong to make the most informed and educated choice. So here are seven common solar power myths, busted just for you!

Solar panels won’t work when it’s cloudy or cold
False! Solar panels depend on the photons present in everyday natural daylight and are in no way affected by temperature. Although direct sunlight on a cloudless day provides the best conditions, the UV rays emitted on cloudy days are just as viable an energy source and will still covert into electricity.

The bigger the home, the more solar panels needed
Not necessarily. Your system is designed purely around you and your energy consumption. Your systems size also depends on the available roof space or viable space on your property where Brisbane solar can mount panels that aren’t compromised by shade. So although you may want an extensive system to meet the needs of a large home, this is not a set-in-stone requirement.

Solar panels are bad for the environment
There has been some discussion around end of life disposal of solar panels. The fact is, most elements on a solar panel are recyclable, and some manufacturers even offer to recycle them for you once they reach a maximum lifetime (usually 15-20 years, depending on the quality of your panel). Compared to burning dirty fossil fuels like coal, claiming solar is terrible for the environment is a pure myth.

Installing solar panels is complicated and time-consuming
This is another solar power myth and it’s simply not true. If you chose to have your system installed with a qualified installer like Brisbane solar, the process is straightforward and usually done in 1 day! However, it’s essential you look for an installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and fully approved to conduct solar work. This ensures your home and system is in the best hands, governed by clear codes and regulations. Solahart Brisbane South East are CEC certified and highly skilled, making your install a breeze.

Solar is too costly; it’s not economically viable
While the upfront costs can seem daunting, these fees will be offset by the savings you make on your power bills throughout the year, the feed-in tariffs you will get from the government, and any other incentives from your power provider. And you will start seeing these benefits almost immediately. As the price of electricity continues to rise, with projections it will keep increasing, it would be fair to say the most economical pathway is installing solar. A solar power myth busted!

Solar will power my home when the grid is down
This is not true. Unless you have a battery system in place, your solar panels will shut down when the grid shuts down for safety reasons. It will then be unable to power your home until the grid is back up and running. Most solar systems are connected to the grid; they cannot operate as a stand-alone unless they have a battery system in place and are designed this way, meaning when the power is out, it is out. But usually not for long!

Solar panels can hold my excess power for later
No, they can’t. Solar panels operate as a source of energy conversion and cannot hold excess power. This is the job of a battery system. Without a battery system, any unused power generated by your system will automatically be fed back into the grid. But the good thing about this is, you get paid per Kilowatt for whatever you feedback. So, if your system is large and you don’t use much during the day when at work, your rebates can cover most of your evening grid use charges per month! Yet another solar power myth busted!

We hope these myth-busting facts have enlightened you on the benefits of solar power for your home. If you have any more questions about solar installation, costs or incentives, give Solahart a call today and let us show you how our solar products can change your life and, save your wallet!