If you are thinking about working with a Brisbane solar power company to install solar panels on your home, you may be wondering what the benefits are.

Here are the 6 best benefits of going solar today!

1. Significant Cost Savings
Solar panels allow you to harness the sun’s free energy to power you are home. As a result, this investment will allow you to obtain significant cost savings in the long term.

Powering your home, such as heating water and running the air conditioner, can be quite costly when you are purchasing electricity off the grid.

Although everyone’s cost savings will vary, some families that used to pay up to $1,200 per quarter for electricity that now averages around $400 since switching to solar!

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Another compelling reason to go solar is that it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. The Australia Institute’s Climate of the Nation Report found that 81% of Australians are concerned that climate change will result in increased droughts and flooding – and investing solar is a way that you can do your part to change that.

Solar energy is a clean way to power your home and can help reduce Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels. By powering just your water heater with solar power, you could save up to 2.7 tonnes of carbon emissions each year!

3. Boost Your Property Value
Working with a Brisbane solar power company to incorporate solar for your renovations can potentially boost your property value as well.
Research conducted by RealEstate.com.au has shown that solar panels can increase the value of a home since many individuals are starting to prefer properties that have already incorporated renewable technologies. They are also willing to pay more for homes equipped with solar power!
Specifically, they found that 85% of Australians feel that solar panels increase the value of a home, and two out of five renters would pay an extra $10 per week if their home had solar power.

4. Minimal Maintenance Requirements
When you work with the best solar products, like those offered by Solahart, you can be confident that they will last you for years to come. These systems also require minimal ongoing maintenance, and high-quality solar panels can last at least 20 years!
They can withstand harsh weather and are sturdy enough to be reliable on almost any rooftop.

Simply put, don’t let the concern of maintenance requirements keep you from partnering with a Brisbane solar power company to get your home off the grid. Not only will Solahart’s expert installers make sure that your investment will last, but they will also provide you with any necessary maintenance and service required throughout the years.

5. They are More Energy Efficient
Solar panels are much more energy-efficient than traditional energy sources – especially in Australia where the sun shines brightly.
Summers keep getting hotter, and record temperatures are leading many households to install air conditioning systems for relief. However, air conditioners use a lot of power and can sometimes use as much as the rest of the house combined!

Hiring a Brisbane solar power company to install solar panels on your roof can help you improve your lifestyle and run your AC unit without worrying about a huge spike in your energy bill. Solar panels work especially well with air conditioners since these tend to be used more in the summer and during the day.

6. Reduce Dependency on the Grid
Lastly, solar panels can allow you to reduce your dependency on the grid. When you generate solar energy, you are no longer exposed to inevitable price swings or increases.

Similarly, if the power goes out on the local power grid, your solar energy will still be running! If you are ready to work with a Brisbane solar power company to install your very own solar panels, contact us today!

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